Exhibitor Services

Welcome to Morgantown Event Center!

For booth services like electrical access and internet connections, or design and other partner services, contact us to get started.

For Your Booth

In general, the following services are available to exhibitors. Some may involve additional fees:


Your primary point of contact during the show will be your event organizer. They will be well-positioned to handle your request and will be in direct contact with our facility staff to ensure smooth execution.

Exhibitor FAQ

Yes! We have Wi-Fi and hardwired internet available if needed. Ask your event organizer for details.


If needed, a dedicated panel of power outlets for your booth is available for purchase for your booth. We have multiple options for power, from standard 120V outlets to higher-voltage power sources for heavy equipment.

Many events include food and beverage service. For those events, we ask that no outside food be brought into the event center. Please contact your event organizer what will be available for your event.

We advise to first check with your event organizer to see what arrangements they may have made. We can assist with additional staff available for hire.


Often, event promoters arrange hotel rooms for exhibitors at a special rate. Contact your promoter to see if there are any special room rates arranged for your event. If not, check out our recommended area hotels—our Holiday Inn Morgantown is connected to our event center.