Visiting Morgantown Event Center

Enjoy Your Visit!

We work hard with each event’s team so that attending an event at Morgantown Event Center is a positive experience for you.

Buying Tickets

While our venue hosts your event, we do not manage its ticket sales. Each show’s team handles tickets sales for their events.

Typically, you can buy tickets on the event’s website and often at the door. The best way to find accurate ticketing information is to visit the show’s website, which you can find linked in each event listing in our Calendar.

Keeping in Touch

We post updates and upcoming shows to our Facebook.

As you explore our Calendar, you will find basic information about each event, provided by the event itself. 

Each event has its own ticketing and attendance policies, and we encourage you to explore each event’s website to find out how to attend. 

Attendee FAQ

We are located in Morgantown, PA, off of the Morgantown exit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Use this address in your preferred mapping system:
6180 Morgantown Rd, Morgantown, PA 19543

Yes! We have over 1000 free parking spaces onsite.

That depends! Each show has its own rules and ticket sales. Check out the event’s website for details—you can find ticketing information for each event from its listing on our Calendar.

Sometimes! Each show organizer determines how tickets are sold for their event. This information is available on the event’s website, which you can find linked on our Calendar

While Morgantown Event Center hosts events, we do not handle ticket sales.

While Morgantown Event Center hosts events, we do not handle ticket sales. You must initiate refunds or exchanges through the official ticketing service for the event. 

For updates and announcements on upcoming shows, follow the event or social media.

Each event may have an additional COVID health & safety protocol. Please check your tickets and event promotions before attending your event. 

Our policy:

In accordance with the latest CDC recommendation and guidance set forth by Berks County, people can wear a mask based on personal preference, informed by personal level of risk. People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID-19 should wear a mask. 

In addition to our policy, please follow the information provided by each event promotion as they may require additional measures such as masks, testing, or proof of vaccination.

Yes! Our facility is all on one floor, and is fully ADA accessible.

While some events do provide scooters, Morgantown Event Center does not have wheelchairs or scooters available. Contact Us for a list of local suppliers that will rent and deliver scooters to our facility. 

This area has excellent parks, activity centers, and a drive away from historic towns such as Lancaster and Reading. There is something for everyone! Please check out our Attractions page for more details.